We take great strides to offset any environmental impact we may produce by closely monitoring all aspects of our growery


Furthering reducing our carbon footprint, our growery is equipped with LED grow lights in both our vegetative and flowering rooms.


Our plants are fed 100% Organic nutrients and we build our soil from scratch for the proper mineral and nutrient balance.


Our genetics are grown from seeds. We start hundreds of seeds and select strain by strain our keeper phenotypes.

Our story

Our journey begins in the motherland of India, about 20 years ago. Scouting every acre of the Himalayas in search of the best seeds, collecting valuable knowledge and authentic experience along the way.

Nasha Genetics is born from the determining encounter between passion from India and expertise from California. Two opposite yet complementary worlds. Ideas from both sides began to intertwine and a common vision emerged.

Nasha Genetics aims to provide the most exclusive and exotic strains on the market, focusing on quality of origins and working hand in hand with the best in the industry. All our seeds are tested before being released to the public to guarantee stability and yields.